Why is Islam So Profitable? – Quick Guide

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So Why is Islam so profitable?
Right here are some of the answers on why Islam is so profitable in our globe.

1) Islam according to me and muslims is the one particular true religion which has a lot of blessings and assistance in it and solutions all inquiries in depth and has perception in 1 God (Allah) and thinks in the last messenger ( Muhammad) as the basis.
2) Islam is connected to several simalarities to other faiths, this kind of as christians believe in Jesus. Muslim also think in Jesus and really like and respect him but only as a prophet. No other faith talks about Jesus but Islam does and mentions his identify respectfully in the Holy Quran several times.
three) Islam implies submission and muslim implies submitter and when a muslim procedures in a trustworthy and loving way, they see the true mild of Islam and acquire a excellence in character which spreads to close friends loved ones and relatives and the light-weight of truthness spreads from there as well.
four) Islam is the only religion with believers who pray numerous occasions. Muslims are ordered to pray 5 times a day and are inspired to make a dua(prayer) and seek forgiveness. This a true muslim have to do in order to achieve a very good character and blessings so people muslim and non-muslim who dont pray see some mild in folks who do pray a whole lot.
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five) Islam is so successful because its the speediest growing faith these days (resource: Guinness ebook of information) and when terrorism is throw with it, it can make people feel and when they ponder soon after doing their very own investigation they also become loving muslims. So when the satan/media consider to trick some men and women , at the identical time there are intelligent folks who find solutions and stroll absent as viewing Islam as a loving , honest and tranquil religion. Following all, Islam is not seen just as a faith but as a way of lifestyle and is sent for mankind as a beautiful direction.